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Tip Top Apps is proud to introduce quality apps that have been developed specifically for early intervention, special education and speech therapy.

Founded by an assistive technology practitioner credentialed speech language pathologist, Tip Top Apps is dedicated to providing low cost and effective programs for individuals with developmental and acquired disabilities including autism, developmental disabilities, and brain injury.

Check Out The Apps!

AAC Evaluation Genie

AAC Evaluation Genie is an informal diagnostic tool that is intended to assist speech-language pathologists and others with identifying skill areas that relate specifically to the language representation methods commonly found on augmentative communication systems. There are 14 subtests that can be administered with screening options available for each subtest.

Animal iGames

Animal iGames is an early learning play based app designed to foster independent play while teaching vocabulary, sequencing, auditory processing and critical thinking skills.

Artic2Go PBM

An electronic deck of picture cards targeting the production of the /p/, /b/ and /m/ speech sounds. This app provides materials for articulation practice at a fraction of the cost of paper picture card decks!

iSongs With Tanvor

A fun app designed to teach sequencing concepts using popular nursery rhymes and errorless teaching procedures. This app will only allow selections to be made in the correct order. Watch your child not only improve their ability to sequence and play with the activity purposefully, but also gain confidence.


SpellOut is an innovative learn-to-spell app for the iPad that will assist your child with learning to spell 50 words that are frequently found on kindergarten and first grade spelling lists.

Talk About Food

Talk about Food has been developed to target vision, vocabulary building and communication skills. It has been designed specifically for children with low vision as well as those who are having difficulty with language development, or just starting to learn and use words.

The Writing Machine

Designed to start introducing pre-literacy concepts by introducing how one picture and one word go together, how to read text from left to right and to tell words from letters.