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Artic2Go PBM

Picture of a puppy in the app Artic2Go PBM
Picture of a ball in the app Artic2Go PBM
Picture of a drum and bear with music in the app Artic2Go PBM
Articulation pictures to streamline your therapy and home practice materials at a fraction of the cost of paper picture card decks!

Artic2Go PBM is an electronic deck of colorful picture cards for practicing the speech production of the /p/, /b/ and /m/ speech sounds. Each of the three speech sounds includes 20 pictures each for the word initial, medial, and final positions, for a total of 180 pictures!

The picture items are based on single to multisyllabic words, progressing from front, mid to back consonant word productions so you can be assured that you are providing systematic and comprehensive intervention trials.

Data collection is also available for each speech sound in each of the three word positions!