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iSongs With Tanvor

Picture of  the Itsy Bitsy Spider activity in the app iSongs with Tanvor
Tip Top Apps is proud to introduce iSongs with Tanvor, a fun and educational app that uses nursery rhymes to teach language awareness and pre-reading skills.

The nursery rhymes are short and rhythmic which makes them easy to learn and memorize. As your child listens to, sings or reads the nursery rhymes, they will have they opportunity to develop and refine “phonemic awareness” or the understanding that sounds are building blocks used to build words.
Picture of the Old MacDonald Had A Farm activity in the app iSongs with Tanvor
iSongs with Tanvor is also designed to teach sequencing concepts in a fun app that reinforces activity focus and attention.

Choose between one to four familiar nursery rhyme songs to play. Each song segment is cued so that it can only be made in the correct order. Touches and taps on the screen will have no effect unless provided at the correct time and at the correct screen location.
Picture of the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star activity in the app iSongs with Tanvor
Watch your child not only improve their ability to sequence and play with the activity purposefully, but also gain confidence and skill that will build the foundation for further learning.