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Picture of menu screen in the app SpellOut
SpellOut is an innovative learn-to-spell app for the iPad that will assist your child with learning to spell 50 words that are frequently found on kindergarten and first grade spelling lists.

This is a fun way to reinforce spelling skills and carryover learning from the classroom to home. There is also a memory style match game for additional word recognition practice.
Picture of a lion in the app SpellOut
SpellOut features colorful and engaging pictures.

With each new screen, the word is spelled out correctly for two seconds, and then scrambled to engage working memory.

Tapping a letter speaks the letter as it is touched, but each letter can only be moved into position in the correct spelling order.

When the word is spelled out correctly, it is read out loud. You can also tap the picture at any time to hear it spoken to reinforce the connection between the word and its spelling.
Picture of the word lion being spelled with letter tiles in the app SpellOut
To play SpellOut, choose among the four available activities.

You can select to spell three letter words, four letter words, or both three and four letter words.

After the letters are scrambled, move them into the correct spelling order.

This is a great tool to learn and reinforce early developing literacy skills.