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Talk About Food

Picture of menu screen in the app Talk about Food
Talk about Food has been developed to target vision, vocabulary building and communication skills. It has been designed specifically for children with low vision as well as those who are having difficulty with language development, or just starting to learn and use words.

Talk About Food is completely accessible with touch, linear scanning and step scanning access methods built in.
High contrast photograph of a pear in the app Talk about Food
Select a vocabulary item and watch it animate across the screen to music using a high contrast background. When the music stops, you are provided with the option to “Talk About It” or “Finished”.

Select “Talk About It” to access the built in communication display.

Choose the “Finished” option to return to the food choices.
Picture of an augmentative communication display in the app Talk about Food
The communication display can be configured to use up to 24 core words in addition to the target noun word.

This is a great tool to encourage early developing communication behaviors.